Billion NetWatcher

Billion NetWatcher 2.1

A powerful tool for network management

Billion NetWatcher is a powerful network management tool. The software lets you collect information on network traffic that is passing through an Ethernet adapter and can even let you build your own billing system because it solves the main technical problem of traffic data capturing.

Information in each IP-packet is passed through a specific interface written in text files in a form of simple tablets and are proceeded by spreadsheets or database management systems (DMBS).

The program can also be used on a single computer, a bridge or a proxy server in a local area network. The information it creates can be used in making different analysis concerning use of network.

Billion NetWatcher is simple, compact and does not require too many resources. It also supports different platforms like Microsoft Windows 200/XP/2003.

Billion NetWatcher can be used by system administrators, corporate or individual users who would like to control network traffic of their computers or local area networks.